Katoa Po 2023
Katoa Po  11/12 March 2023

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The Covid framework has been shelfed.
But remember to stay at home, get a test if you feel unwell.

Sunday, 12th February

Venue: - Whakaipo Bay
Event info: - Farm map with electronic timing using SPORTident
  - This will be a combination of exercises on White (very easy), Yellow (easy), Orange (a little harder) courses and also more difficult Orange and Red courses for those who need a challenge. For those who may not have experienced orienteering on a farm map, this is the ideal opportunity to learn how to go about navigating courses of varying levels of difficulty and where your level of skill is in this environment. Guidance will be provided.
Entry Fees: - Individuals $7, Teams $12 for club members, non-members levy +$5.
Registration: - Online before Thursday, 9th February, 11:59pm
    We will only have a limited number of on-the-day entries available and a $5 On-the-Day fee will be added to these entries
Start times: - from 10:30am,  Course closure: - 1:30pm
What to bring: compass (unless you can tell where north is when the sun isn't out), A4 plastic bag for the map
Course options: 3 set courses and Training exercises
    RL: Red Long
    RS: Red Short
    O: Orange
    T: Training,   The training exercises will consist of 3 maps for white, yellow and orange courses (for the price of one map)

For further information contact Lyndon on 027 444 6708 or email entries@taupoorienteering.nz

Event centre: Whakaipo Bay, W2K Track end

Whakaipo Bay event centre

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